Wednesday, June 11, 2008

First Adv Race at WR

My good friend, Kim Chance, was in a bike accident and broke her neck a couple months ago and asked me to sub in for her for some adv races that she was committed to. She and Chris Carlson are teammates and i really wanted to try these races out. It's usually a run, bike, paddle and mystery event. I told her i would try it out if Chris wanted me as his partner. I haven't run at all in two years (except for maybe 100 yards at the beginning of DORBA 4hr mtb races). My first and only run was in a turkey trot that i did a 5K on so needless to say i was skeered to be partnered up with CC! So Chris and i talk and i told him i wasn't a runner, ahem or a paddler but i guess he was ok with it since Kim was out for the race.

Oh yeah.. i forgot to mention one lil detail. He's 6'5" or so... i may be off. Anyway.. in my book he's almost giant material and he's fast as anything on a bike. I heard stories from men and women alike. Men who couldnt hang on to his wheel and women (Kim specifically) who said how scary it was to be tied to his bike. You see, in adv. races- you can attach yourself to someone else by a chord on the riding and on the running-- and altho a bit scary-perfectly legit. SO this was our plan. We decided to go for it in the beginning of the week leading to our weekend and he advised me to go run outside before our race that saturday.

I was at Rich's on Wed and i get ready to go run. Rich laid out a 1.2 mile run that i could do and since he was coping with pneumonia- he couldnt join me on it. My goal was to run the whole time, not stop to walk and have minimal pain after. That would be success for me. I headed out and felt very awkward as soon as i started running. Things were going well up until the last stretch when my left thigh started to charlie horse. I ended up having to stop and walk 3x at the end of my run. NOT GOOD! I rode for a while after i got back from the run to hopefully make my legs feel better but it didn't help. By the end of the night i was limping.

I told Chris the news and he laughed a lil and said we would just make that time up on the bike. I told Kim my running story and she laughed alot.

So Sat came and the race was on. It started with probably a 1.5 mile run, then a paddle, then another 1.5 mile run and then bike and then the mystery event. Kim and Rich were there to cheer me on and volunteer!! thanks guys!!! I was nervous bout the run but it wasn't that bad. It hurt but atleast i didn't have to stop and walk. I'm sure Chris appreciated that. :) We were prolly a funny sight to see. The pic above i promise is not doctored. He looks like a giant and i a dwarf. He probably had to bend half his body to go under that bridge and i prolly didn't move my head. I had a great time. Thanks to Kim for letting me sub for you and Chris for taking a chance and then pulling me the whole time! :) We ended up getting first in Coed and second group overall. Ric Tinney and his friend won adv overall.

Kathy and Scott put on a great race!

The first pic is of the Kim, Chris and i before the start of race. What fun! Can't wait to do it again! Rich and i may team up for a race or two.. or more :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Memorial Day Crit Races


I was super excited all week coming into that weekend. I wanted to do well in all the races to cat up to a 3. On Friday, i started to get really sick to my stomach. This continued onto Saturday. I knew i was dehydrated so i drank some pickle juice and ended up throwing that up right before the start of the race while i was warming up. I wasn't feeling all that strong and since my teammates couldn't make the race, my goal was to just stay in the group (not attack at all) and see what i had at the finish. I love that race with the 180 degree turn and uphill finish. I kept in a good place the whole time and stayed near the front. The final lap, i went down that hill and stayed tucked in with the group until the turn. I knew the group was gonna go wide so i ended up going on the inside and cutting the turn tightly. That put me in a great spot for the climb. I got behind Brandi until someone attacked and i followed the attack. I sprinted up the finish but only had the legs to take 3rd place. Best finish i've had there in 3 years but wish i would've won it for the team.


Stomach was still messed up but i was fired up. I hung some with Tobin, Becky and Cap and worked a bit and then got ready to warm up. I was excited that Kelly and Nancy were gonna be there and we were all gonna race together. It was a fun race and Kelly really worked and made some attacks. Nancy and Kelly did awesome! They helped to tire out the group while i just hung in. Kelly made a great move and attacked on less than five laps to go. We were closing in on the last few turns on the last lap and i made sure to get in a good position to not get boxed in. Angela from sugars made the attack and i followed. We sprinted to the line and she got me by half a wheel. The pic is from that race. So that race we got a 2nd, a 4th and a 7th in women 4s.

The P123 girls were able to get Tracie for the win! Great job ladies.


The P12 girls lined up with Christina, Cassandra, Kim and Michelle. 6 Metro girls with team radios lined up at the start and pretty much played the offensive role in that race. They got a girl to attack from the beginning and she stayed in the front the whole time. Christina went to chase her but eventually got picked up from the group. Metro won that race in the P12 and Rachel B from Metro won the State Championship for the 3s. The girls helped Christina get a second place finish for the team.

In the 4s race, Kelly and i raced that day. It was such a hot day!! The hottest day of all three days. It felt like my skin was boiling. Becky was out there cheering us on (as she was on Sat at the Mirage crit **thanks becky**) and trying to throw water on us. Except for the heat, the race was going well. Kelly and i were responding to the attacks. The course is set up with many turns. It was a great course and i really enjoyed it. The last lap, i decided to make a move at the start of all the turns. I knew i could take them pretty fast and since i kept getting swallowed up at the final sprints, i thought it would be best to attack a lil earlier and have a small gap for the final sprint. Well plan was going great. I attacked after one of the turns before the small downhill. I was ahead of the group on the left turn and gaining a gap. I took the right turn and still a gap. I took the next right turn too fast and too tight. Not wide enough!! I ended up going straight toward the hay bales and had to put on my brakes to not hit them. There was a headwind there and the group caught up to me midway to the last turn. I stayed with the group after the turn but was swallowed at the sprint. Our team finished 6th and 7th. Very disappointed about that but you race and you learn.

Great weekend of racing and it was nice to race with the girls.. but still not enough points to cat up. :(

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Last TMBRA Race at XBAR

So it's been a while and i've got alot to update. One of them being this last TMBRA race of the season. It was a very technical course but for some reason i didn't remember it being so technical until i got there. John and i got to the course on Sat and it was drizzling. We were trying to decide whether we should preride in the slippery rocks or just wait til race day. We ended up preriding and the worst part was in the beginning.

Race day, i had a great start. We took off from the gun. Christina leading and then Sara. then myself amd the rest. When we started to go into the first technical area, Christina was on the side spinning her wheels like she was sealing it. Sara was ahead with a gap. In some technical spot, i took a bad line and laid it out. I crashed while i was leading the rest of the group. I was head down with my foot still stuck to the pedal. My knee took the majority of the hit. The girls were all nice enough to help me get out of my bike. They all asked if i was ok and Leslie mentioned to help me get unstuck. At the time, i dont think she realized Sara was gone with a good lead after this. They were so nice but i wanted them to go catch sara! I got on my bike and Christina and Leslie took off. I was pretty slow moving after that but started to feel a lil better as i rode. I raced with the worst time at that course. But thanks to Christina and Leslie for catching up to Sara and passing her, i was still able to keep my placement for the series.

Overall bad finale to my race season but a great placement overall. Christina won the race and the TMBRA series. I got 4th in the race and placed 2nd in the series. It was a great season but i am happy for the season to be over. I'm ready for the road.. and everything else!!

Big thanks to LoneStarWorks for the sponsorhip and coaching and to the guys at Dallas Bike Works for working amd tweaking my bike all season long. Thanks to Rich for the support throughout my season and being so cool with me being gone almost every weekend. Also, thanks to all the girls helping me out after my crash.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Sweet Charlie

One year later and i still miss you a ton. You were the greatest!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hail to Comfort

Comfort has to be one of my favorite trails here in texas. I've only raced it twice now. Last year it rained so it was a swamp and i only got to race the upper loop. This past weekend, although the storms were near, it was dry as a bone and i got to race the whole course.
Larson picked me up early afternoon on Friday to start our journey. We stopped at West and Larson had his usual 5 jalapenos with cream cheese and i had my one. Those are soooo good. The sky was dark and eerie but as soon as we hit Temple, we started to see cars pulled over and crowding under the underpass. Rigtt after we went through the underpass the hail started to hit. Larson's car was getting pounded by hail. I called Cristina to see if she was near a computer to find out if there was a tornado and sure enough a tornado landed a few miles away in Belton. I asked larson to pull over and he found some coverage in this restaurant under construction. Everyone was looking for some shelter. He decided he wanted to go out in the hail and battle it out with the tornado. After i freaked out a lil bit he pulled over once again. So we didn't get swept up to Oz and we made it to Tanya Woody's house about 6-7 hours later.
Preride was good and we ended up riding the lower loop since i had never ridden it. Christina and Toby competed in the QOM and KOM and Christina won with Toby close behind Pete who won his category.
On Sat night, weather predicted for comfort was 80% chance of rain starting at 7am. We thought it would be a wash with ligtning and hail. But it just missed us.
Race day, i warmed up and felt ok. My start was awful. Christina wiped out at the start right after the turn but was alright and laughing when she passed me. I couldnt keep up with the leaders and i just wasn't feeling it. My legs felt like bricks and my lungs had nothing. I ended up catching up to Kim and Sara was right in front of her. Kim had a mechanical and i passed her. I started to catch up to some of the guys and right after Bill said "Bibi's here", i ended up hitting a tree and doing a slow motion crash. There all the girls in my group passed me and i was still had nothing in my tank. I started to go into the lower loop in last place and was starting to think this would be a race to drop. Then i started to feel better. I started to catch up to two other girls and Christiane in the other class. She and i rode together a bit and went back and forth. Then we caught up to Sara and i got in front of both. I ended up getting second. I couldn't believe it. I thought that race was done after the upper loop. It's a good thing that course is so fun or maybe i would not have continued. That and some luck helped me get that second place.

Christina won, I got second.
Fawley got 1st,Larson got 4th, Boyd got 6th, Toby got 7th,Martin got 10th and Jordan got 16th. Way to go guys!!

Thanks to Tanya for letting us stay at your place and Larson for driving me and keeping us from getting swept up.

until Big Ring..

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More MTB racing!!

Haven't written in a while. The last two weekends was the Warda Race and Reimer's Ranch Race. Rich and i went to a wedding on Sat before the Warda Race and Kim Chance picked me up at Waxahachie rt after the wedding to drive to Warda! thanks Kim!! We had a good time. It was a good trip and i'm very happy i went. Warda folks put on a great event and they changed the course a little bit. It was more open and more of a power course. Kim and i ended up in 1st place!!! woohoooo!! Ranger Kim Jennings ended up with the fastest women's time. Way to go Kim!! I had an ok race but cramped near the end.

At Reimer's it was a true mountain bike course! It was a very fun technical course. Kim and i rode together again and we got there and prerode on Sat. Thanks to the Killebrew's for letting us stay at their place! What a great trail to have so close to their house! I got to see how technical the trail was on the preride. I realized quickly how important it would be to find the right line up the ledges. On the preride, i was able to clear all the stuff after trying it a couple times on some. I knew everything was doable but on race day it was a completely different story. At race pace, i was off my bike atleast 10x. I sucked it up on that trail! I thought i was technical until Sunday :p Race day, i had a great start. I was right behind Leslie up the climb and got in front of her at the single track. She and i were in front and had a small gap. I kept messing up on alot of the technical ups and apologized and told her she could go around me. She did so later. I stayed on her wheel for a bit but got tossed after a bit. Sara K caught up to me and we rode together for a while. She then got in front and gapped me on the technical stuff. I was right behind her hoping to follow her line up the ledges. On the last lap, I was rt behind her- she went up this big ledge with ease and i hit it so bad i took the breath out of me. After cyclecrossing my bike up it .. she was gone out of sight. I chased but every time i fumbled on the ledges i knew she was just that much more in front of me. I wish we had a trail like that in dallas!! I ended up in 3rd place. So overall, i really enjoyed the course.. i do love those kind of courses but it was an eye-opener on how untechnical i really am! :D

Kim chance broke her derailler on the first lap and had to dnf! :( Too bad because she would've kicked some butt!!

AND ON THE ROAD.. the LSW girls did great at Fort Davis! Tracie A ended up in 3rd place in the GC. Christina S in 4th, and Tammy in 6th. Way to go ladies! Great traiining too!